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Disability Picture Book Curation

Disabled child on wheelchair is choosing books from shelves in school library with his fri

Welcome to our Disabilities Picture Book List! 

This is a place to find picture books on all types of disabilities. The list is sorted by disability and some books may appear in multiple categories depending on the book. 


All books are linked for you to be able to get more information and to purchase, if desired (I make no money from this, this is just a resource for others to benefit from).


This list is dynamic and ever-changing, as it will be updated a few times a month to keep up with recent discoveries and publications. That said, if you have any book recommendations to add or reclassifications of books on the list (especially since I have not personally read every book listed), please let me know in the comment box at the bottom of the page. 


Happy reading!



Have a book to add or a reclassification?

Let us know! We would love your help to grow this list.

Thanks for sharing!

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